Handle to Hand

Handle to Hand is a new initiative created by Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta with the intent to get beginners out in the water and up behind a boat. Our goals are to:

  • Promote physical activity and skill development for Albertans;
  • Promote a healthy living and greater achievement in our future athletes;
  • Provide more introductory programs and increase the services provided to all coaches and athletes; and
  • Offer recreational programs for all levels of participation by implementing the basics of any athlete development.

For more information on how we plan to reach these goals, check out our ABC's page!


Waterski Clinics:


15th / Lethbridge / Brent Lloyd - for more information email bflloyd@telus.net

16th to 18th / Chestermere Lake / Graeme MacDougall 

18th / Dodd's Pond / Matt Gosse

23rd to 25th / Chestermere Lake / Graeme MacDougall 

Past Clinics:


4th / Shalom Park / New Kids on the Water

10th / Dodd's Pond / Matt Gosse

19th / Dodd's Pond / Matt Gosse

27th / Lethbridge / Brent Lloyd


4th and 11th / Lethbridge / Brent Lloyd - for more information email bflloyd@telus.net

4th to 8th / Dodd's Pond / Breanne Dodd

19th to 21st / Chestermere Lake / Graeme MacDougall

26th to 28th / Chestermere Lake / Graeme MacDougall


1st and 8th / Lethbridge / Brent Lloyd - for more information email bflloyd@telus.net

1st to 4th / Predator Bay / Jaret Llewellyn

2nd to 4th / Chestermere Lake / Graeme MacDougall

9th to 11th / Chestermere Lake / Graeme MacDougall 



17th / Gull Lake / Nakita Schaab

19th / Alix Lake / Jeremy Howsam

24th / Gull Lake / Nakita Schaab

Past Clinics:


14th / Wizard Lake / Cody Ganske


23rd to 24th / Pine Lake / Jeremy Matthews


5th / Lake Isle / Cody Ganske 

7th / Prairie Oasis / Brian Bryksa

12th / Prairie Oasis / Brian Bryksa

13th / Gull Lake / Nakita Schaab

13th / Sylvan Lake / Jeremy Howsam 

14th / Sylvan Lake / Jeremy Howsam - 

15th, 17th & 18th / Chestermere / Jeremy Matthews 

21st to 24th / Prairie Oasis / Brian Bryksa

27th / Gull Lake / Nakita Schaab


4th / Prairie Oasis / Brian Bryksa

9th / Gull Lake / Nakita Schaab

11th to 14th / Prairie Oasis / Brian Bryksa

tournaments and Events:

August 20th / Alix Lake / Alberta Wake Tour Stop #5 - PROVINCIALS

Past Events:

May 28th / Wizard Lake / Alberta Wake Tour Stop #1 

June 11th / Sylvan Lake / Alberta Wake Tour Stop #2

June 25th / Pine Lake / Alberta Wake Tour Stop #3 

Chestermere Lake / July 16th / Alberta Wake Tour Stop #4

For a full list of details visit the Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta site or email us at info@handletohand.ca